Top tier services we provide with pride


Lag Free Voice Servers

Custom Voice Panel

Premium Bandwidth

DDoS Protection

Full FTP Access

Instant Set-Up

Competitive Pricing


High Performance Game Servers

Custom Game Panel

Low Ping

DDoS Protection


Instant Set-Up

Powered by Intel


Lighting Speed WebServer

Intuitive CPanel

99.99% Uptime

CloudFlare Protected

Full FTP Access

SSL Supported

SSD Powered

Great Features.

DDoS Protection

Tier 1 protected bandwidth ensures you won't get unnessassary downtime. The vacuum servers are able to dramatically reduce the impact of a DDoS attack on your server.

Competitve Pricing

Incredibly competitive prices in the market, by keeping profit to a minimum, ELHosingServices are able to provide low prices on all of our products for our customers.

Performance Dedicated Machines

High powered servers to provide the best hosting possible. With powerful Intel i7 and E5 core machines, your services will run without a hitch at all times of the day.

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