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Founded in February 2016 and incorporated in England and Wales in July 2016, ELHostingServices is a small but quickly growing hosting provider striving to provide secure, transparent, powerful and reliable services to customers around the world for a very competitive price. We operate in both the UK and the US providing services hosted on performance hardware and protected by DDoS protection from some of the best protection agents globally such as Corero, Arbor and Psychz. Our support consists of a strong team of 7 dedicated, passionate and multilingual agents enabling us to be able to provide 24/7 customer care with quick response times at all hours of the day.

Our Company Story


2016, the year in which our journey as a company began and in a way that many wouldn't expect; to win a bet. Originally founded on the 26th of January by William Phillips, under the name ELHServices, the organisation had no intention ever to sell services to the public. The company initially was established with £10 spent on a website reseller package located out of London (United Kingdom), with the primary goal when starting was to offer decent web hosting to a small group of friends online and to win a bet William had made with a friend. The task required to win the bet turned into something that was increasingly more interesting and enjoyable, and within the following weeks ELHServices was swiftly re-branded to ELHostingServices but continued to operate without the intention of public sale.

At the beginning of March, the company made the step into game hosting by renting one dedicated server from OVH in Gravelines (France) offering servers run from a TCAdmin control interface. A public website then was developed for sale to the public, and a partnership formed between the company and a TeamSpeak reseller. Following the interest of game hosting services, the step was made to obtain a node in North America, specifically in Buffalo (New York). Enter Avery Johnson, Avery joined ELHS to assist the company with customer assistance for our US-based services and to assist with product development.

On the 1st of June, we made the jump between game control panels, from TCAdmin to Easy-Wi. The move primarily was motivated by the lack of customisation which was being heavily requested by customers; in addition to the per-server licensing fees to operate TCAdmin. With our new game panel up and running, servers configured on Ubuntu 14.04 rather than Windows Server 2012 R2; it allowed us to see a dramatic increase in performance of servers and overall customer satisfaction.

Roll around the 19th of July. ELHostingServices became a legally registered company operating under a parent organisation Encrypted Laser Limited. Shortly after, a new website coded by Avery was released mid-August as a temporary patch to the old site that we were running from when we initially launched to the public. Shortly after, ELHS made the switch from using OVH's services in France to favour a smaller provider in the UK, more specifically in Bristol, to utilise a better network link and geolocation of nodes.

A mobile optimised site was commissioned to ViveDigitals to update our website with an expected release date of the 1st of October which was unfortunately delayed by over two months. Over the Christmas period, ELHostingServices continued growing at a steady pace expanding operations for web hosting to a single virtual private server based in Manchester which at the time was a massive performance upgrade from a reseller. The company continued to develop and expand despite the Company Director, William, unable to entirely focus on the business due to A Level courses beginning to switch into full swing.


New year, new us? It certainly felt like that, beginning the year with sales still surging from our Christmas and New Year promotions got the year off to a great start! Over December and half of January ELHostingServices almost tripled in size allowing for additional staff to be brought onboard to assist ensuring everything continued to run smoothly.

With a lot more orders, servers and customers it became very clear that Easy-Wi, as amazing as it was for being 'not TCAdmin' was now less of an advantage and more of a disadvantage with 70% of support tickets being panel associated instead of server related. A project of developing a custom panel was commisioned to ViveDigitals, but it became very apparent that they were once again able to complete the project; being unable to create a login page within four weeks of work.

One the 5th of February ELHS became a sponsor of HostPicker & TheCodingBeast, our very first expenditure on any form of advertising to date. ELHS continued to face the persistent problem, the game interface. Avery, an avid PHP coder in his spare time stepped in to begin developing the backend to a control panel that we could use to remedy our problem.

On the 9th of February, the company made a connection and partnership that we continue to maintain to this day. Enter Luke, our resident graphical wizard and superhuman freelance designer. Our task was simple, design ELHS a professional website and control interface that didn't look like someone had spent an evening messing around with Paint (rest in piece by the way). Over the following month and a half, Luke assisted the company to not only create a stunning design for the site and control panel but also to make us a new, updated flashy logo.

One month on, the website design was completed and ready to be developed. With the assistance of a talented developer, Lev, the website homepage was brought to life. Having a building block for the site, William then continued on to develop the other pages and aspects of the site until it was ready to be released! Now, the panel. After nearly 10 weeks of 'development', the panel interface should have been almost finished, it was at this point the company became aware that unsurprisingly, the developer, Avery, had barely completed any of the assigned tasks required to ensure that the panel functioned at all. To ensure that ELHS could continue to switch away from Easy-Wi as soon as possible, a challenge was set to find a customisable panel that could be adapted and had lots of base functionality. While researching for a solution, a small branch of the then-popular PufferPanel was found named Pterodactyl. Just one week later the design for a control panel was completed by Luke on the 22nd of April and was swiftly adapted to cover the existing features offered by Ptero. This, in turn, allowed us the freedom to begin development. Utilising a beta version of the Pterodactyl panel, Avery developed the panel design and added additional features to the interface so that it would be ready for launch.

This brings us up to our relaunch, which comprised of a massive rebrand and network-wide upgrades; over the course of 24 hours, numerous upgrades were performed. The most significant being the hardware updates that ELHS implemented. These included CPU upgrades, previously server configurations ranged from using i7 4790, i7 4790k and Xeon E3 1230 V3 processors, all running DDR3 RAM. Every node, in every location, received an upgrade to rock an Intel i7 6700k processor and DDR4 ram to ensure that they continued to stay stable and perform amazingly. During the hardware upgrade and system downtime, we used the opportunity to migrate each of our customers from Easy-Wi to the newly developed panel, Pterodactyl. With both the hardware and software that operated our game servers getting a massive upgrade, we move ahead with releasing our new logo & website allowing for an overall clean user experience.

Since the significant update of our systems, we've continued to strive forward. Slowly but surely! ELHS, even though selling publicly still remains operated out of passion rather than to make a profit.

October was the month of research. VPS servers were launched running on the same high performance i7 6700k nodes located in New York and Bristol. Then comes Chicago, after almost 3 weeks of researching to find a suitable datacentre situated in the city one was found. Hello Chicago! Our location launched on the 13th of November.

The Christmas period for ELHS was fantastic, with lots of behind the scenes preparation to configure an up and coming sister company with an adjusted target audience. William Wilson was assigned to a managerial position within Encrypted Laser Limited to assist with customer relations and staff management.

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