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Superior. Always.

Raw Performance. Ultimate Networking. Fantastic Support. What else makes ELHS the best choice?

Beautiful and Clean Control Interface

Welcome to the future of game hosting! Our slick and clean control interface, built off of the secured and stable Pterodactyl control panel offers incredible ease of use while still being fully feature packed with useful additions to make your life as a server owner less stressful such as auto installers & DDoS statistics.

Latest-Gen Self-Owned Hardware

All game servers are operated from nodes that are 100% self-owned and maintained by ELHS, featuring Intel i7-8700k (4.8GHz) processors, DDR4 RAM, dependable enterprise grade storage drives and 1Gbps/10Gbps network ports to offer the best performance currently available on the market!

Secured In-Line DDoS Protection

We are fully aware how a DDoS attack can cripple a website or game server. We utilise two of the best DDoS protection agents currently available to ensure that a DDoS won't get you down! We feature Corero Network Security DDoS protection for all US locations, and Arbor Networks in our UK datacentre.

Game Hosting Interface

Interesting in what makes our game server control panel phenomenal, other than its clean and intuative design? Designed with Garry's Mod, CSGO and Minecraft servers in mind from a Pterodactyl base, we're sure you'll love it. Learn more about it here!

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