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Garry's Mod

Performance DDoS Protected GMod servers powered by extreme i7 processors.

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Super-Low-Latency Minecraft servers with DDR4 RAM and SSD storage as standard.

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128 Tick CS:GO hosting to give a lightning fast expereicence at all times of the day.

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What Makes Us Special

Our passion lies with our servers, and offering the best of the best is exactly what we do!

DDoS Protection

Our robust DDoS mitigation is available and enabled by default on all services at no additional cost! Stay online at all times.

Latest-Gen Hardware

All game servers are powered by 100% self-owned hardware running stunning Intel i7-8700k processors and reliable enterprise storage drives!

Premium Network Bandwidth

Fantastic networking allowing for super low ping to all game servers globally.

Rapid Support Responses

Passionate, caring and knowledgeable support team available for you 24/7.

Simplified Billing

Select from 4 billing cycles to make checkout and service renewal a breeze.

Game Server Discount

Are you interested in ordering a game server today to begin your journey of running a fantastic gaming community? Have a discount code on us to get you on your way to greatness!

Use code GModBeginning on checkout for 30% off custom slot GMod servers!

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